How does it work

  1. Step.1

    Upload a damaged file on the first page of the service.

  2. Step.2

    The service will automatically analyze the uploaded file. In case it detects recoverable data, it will save them to a new file. The service will report the results of its recovery attempt immediately or by email.

  3. Step.3

    Recovered data can be downloaded after making a payment by PayPal/Credit Card. Once done, the system will provide you with a download link, either online or in an email message.

The files are stored for 30 days starting from the time that the source file is uploaded to the server.

  • The service requires a valid email address. This makes it possible to resume data recovery from any moment in case of session termination or other issues.
  • If the file does not contain any data, you will be notified immediately or by email.